We’re Blowing the Whistle on the Common Pond Myth!

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Pond Myth: True or False Whether you have a pond or you’re still considering making the plunge, you probably have come across some false information. Misleading information may have even paused your pond project all together. Or if you’re already a pond owner, and believe some of the rumors you’ve heard, you may really throw

Why are my Koi fighting?

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Are your Koi fighting or loving?--How to recognize the difference!   How are your Koi this spring?  Ahhh, Spring. Mother Nature is blowing a warm wind through the air. Flowers aren't the only thing blooming, so is young love. It's popping up everywhere, not just in the tulips and pansies, but also in your pond. That's

Solutions for Pond Leak Problems?

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Let's Fix That Pond Leak With 6 Different Reasons. Having a Pond Leak is challenging and one of the most common problems pond owners face. The frustration mounts when the cause of the leak is misdiagnosed or misunderstood. Here are six reasons your pond may be leaking: Evaporation. What is it really? Evaporation is defined

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