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Deciphering Fish Behavior

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Deciphering Fish Behavior: A Guide to Understanding Your Pond Fish Fish, much like humans, exhibit discernible behaviors, allowing you to understand their well-being. Learning to distinguish between positive and negative fish behaviors empowers you to act promptly, addressing any adverse condition before it escalates. Let’s first explore the positive behaviors indicating your pond fish are

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The S cience of Feeding Koi The presence of fish in a pond is the number one reason for creating a water feature in the first place for many pond owners. Many pond owners who have kept aquarium fish for years decide to extend their hobby to the outdoors, while others view fish as a

3 Basic Rules to Keeping Koi and Pond Fish

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Whether you have never owned a pond before or if you are a pond enthusiast with years of experience, these three basic rules will help you create and maintain a healthy habitat for your finned friends.  You want your fish to be happy—this makes for a more enjoyable pond experience for you as well. Here is

Koi Fish Quality: The Difference in Koi Fish

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  Among inexperienced Koi Fish seekers, one question looms early in the process of finding that perfect pond addition, pet or show quality? This is an inquiry often asked by breeders, but you may find yourself wondering, “how should I know?” or “why does it matter?”. Well, when it comes to purchasing Koi, there are

Why are my Koi fighting?

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Are your Koi fighting or loving?--How to recognize the difference!   How are your Koi this spring?  Ahhh, Spring. Mother Nature is blowing a warm wind through the air. Flowers aren't the only thing blooming, so is young love. It's popping up everywhere, not just in the tulips and pansies, but also in your pond. That's

The Secret to Healthy Texas Koi Pond Fish

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Your Texas Koi Pond Fish are getting ready for another hot spring and summer. If you’re reading this, you may have noticed the sun is staying out to play a little later these days. That’s one sure sign that spring and summer are on the horizon. With longer days, comes more time to enjoy the

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