Why create a Dallas Water Garden?

What is a Dallas Water Garden?  If you’re asking this question, we’re guessing you’ve already considered getting your feet wet with a beautiful water feature for your outdoor space.

So what is water garden exactly? It’s pretty simple, water garden is a man-made water feature, usually a pool or pond, which is designed to complement the natural environment. Water gardens typically incorporate aquatic plants, ornamental fish, statuary, waterfalls, and other decorations.

A water garden adds visual interest and harmony to just about any outdoor space, like residential backyards, courtyards, and parks to name a few. The main reason people invest in these ‘lovely lagoons’ is to compliment the landscaping, and add enhancement to existing gardens.

There are several different types of Dallas water gardens, which luckily means there’s a style to suit your individual preferences.  Styles include container gardens, raised and sunken ponds, and bog gardens. A container water garden is typically small and easy to care for and can be placed on a patio or balcony with ease. It’s a great option for those that want to ease into the water garden world.

For more extravagant ponds, there are raised and sunken ponds that are built directly into the ground and require more maintenance than other types of water gardens. Bog gardens are the most natural of the three and are designed to attract wildlife. They are generally dug into the ground, lined with plastic, and filled with native plants and fish.

What are water gardens for?

Although a water garden’s primary focus is on the plants, they can also house various species of beautiful fish. Water gardens bring harmony, tranquility and visual interest to any outdoor space. And honestly, they’re really cool.

Just how big is a water garden?

Though they may vary in any size or depth, they are typically small and relatively shallow, generally less than 24 inches deep. The reason for this is because most aquatic plants are depth sensitive and require a specific water depth in order to thrive.

Why a Dallas Water Garden?

A water garden is an aquaculture system – a diverse aquatic ecosystem, one of the most productive and efficient systems around.  In an aquaculture system, aquatic plants have a constant supply of water that has nutrients dissolved in it, which they can easily take up. The waste from fish and other animals in the system provide additional nutrient to the plants, making for a very efficient and productive system.

What do I need in my water garden?

One word…Plants! Plants are an important part of any Dallas Water Garden. They add life to the feature, provide balance and create a natural ecosystem, which promotes the health of the fish.  A well-stocked water garden should include various types of plant & fish species. Plants can be submerged, marginal, or floating varieties. We always suggest that a combination of these plant types be used to keep the water garden in optimal health and provide character to the look of the pond.

Who are water gardens for?

You! And anyone with an appreciation for peace, beauty and serenity. Lacking a little whimsy in your garden or just life in general, a water garden may just be what you need. With so many options for plants, stones, and fish, customizing your water garden is a fun and enjoyable project. An experience with a result that will bring joy into your life every time you step outside!  Contact us to see about getting a Dallas Water Garden of your own!