1. There are different types of ponds you can have, like a fish pond, watergarden pond, koi pond or wildlife
    pond. In recent times a lot of people now have ponds fixed in their gardens. Before you decide to
    have one in your home there are things you should put into consider like the availability of
    space in your yard, the type of pond you want, do you want a shallow or deep fish
    Having a fish pond in your home requires a healthy living condition, pond plants are highly
    essential too, as they absorbs nutrients and release oxygen.
    Summertime is here, this doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from looking out for your
    pond. Maintaining your ponds during the hot summer is something you shouldn’t miss out on.
    With the tips listed below, your ponds will remain in a healthy condition, clean and
    fresh, all you need do is to reserve 20-30 minutes of your time weekly during summertime.
    1.) Prevent it from drying out.
    The water in your pond evaporates during the hot summer, it leaves your fish with little or no
    oxygen, which can make them stressed out and prone to illness, keeping an eye on them at this time is
    important. You also need to top off the water each week with stored be sure to add declorinater if you add more then 1/3 of your water back in
    2.) Filtration.
    Flushing out waste produced by your fish and decayed plants is necessary, Doing so keeps your pond
    healthy. A good Filtration system prevents ammonia and keeps your pond crystal clear.
    3.) Avoid overfeeding.
    During the summer fish eat a lot so it is advisable to feed them twice daily, in the morning and any other time of the day, Fish have a high metabolism and are more active during
    summertime. Avoid overfeeding them as, uneaten food decays fast and gets the water
    all nasty.
     4.)Remove pond weeds
    The surface of the pond should be kept clean you do this by removing grown weeds using a net to remove the tiny ones. Before you dispose of the weeds, keep them at the edge of
    the pond, just for a night, this allows the creatures living in the water that came out while you
    were weeding, get back into the water.
    5.)Check for algae.
    Algae can show up as a result of the tap water you used to top up, this is why using rainwater is advisable. Algaecides can help clear up pond algae, buy one for the healthy state of your pond.

In conclusion, it’s very important you keep your pond in a good condition during summertime.
The above-listed tips will help the health of your pond this summer.

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