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We are the premier Pond Clean Out specialists in North Dallas Texas (TX)

Jump-start your pond for the new season with a Pond Clean Out. Your Pond Clean Out includes:

  • Draining the pond
  • Catching fish
  • Pressure washing bigger rocks
  • Rinsing gravel
  • Cleaning/replacing filters
  • Cutting back/removing dead pond plants
  • Fertilizing pond plants
  • Adding salt/de-chlorinator
  • Adding first dose of beneficial bacteria
  • Other services/products are available for an additional charge
  • After-care advice and tips

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For ponds that were not cleaned last year, there will be a 30% surcharge added to the base price for the clean-out.

Fill out the following form with as much information as you can. Please allow 24 hours to receive a quote after submitting the request form. Thank you!

Why Are We The Best?

Our water features are not just combinations of fish, rock, water, frogs and dragonflies — they are areas of meditation, points of exploration for children and meeting places for friends and family. It’s not about the water gardens; it’s about the lifestyle we help bring to our customers who enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re crazy about water features. Yards are like blank canvasses to us, and we paint with water. Where most might see a hill, an entryway, a yard, or any random patch of grass, we see a waterfall coming into a stream or pond.

We like to mix things up, with different sized features and different types of rock. The goal is to make the water fit the yard, and whether it’s a Dallas suburban home or a Florida tropical escape, we create a place of relaxation, peace and tranquility.

koi pond watergarden backyard

Step One: Fill in your contact info and project details.

First, please fill out this short contact information form below. Include any special notes regarding your project in space provided.




Step Two: Upload some photos of the areas needing work.

We don’t need perfect quality here, just cell phone photos will be perfect.
For example: If you’d like to have your existing water feature repaired, renovated or cleaned, please submit photos of an overall view, filtration and waterfall.

For New Projects may only require 2 photos of your property where you would like to see a new water feature.

Step Three: An honest and detailed phone conversation about your project.

Before we ask you to interrupt your busy life for a face-to-face appointment, we start the process with a 10-15 minute call to determine your needs. By the end of this call you’ll have an idea what your project will cost and whether FncPonds is the right pond contractor for you. No pressure, no games, just straightforward talk to see if we’re a good fit.

Step Four: Schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Once you’ve determined that FncPonds is the right contractor for you, we can schedule an on-site consultation. During this meeting we will review your needs, provide a written contract and get your project scheduled. Its that simple.

Thanks again for the opportunity to earn your business.

Pond Maintenance Services Including Pond Cleanouts and Pond Algae Solutions

We specialize in providing our clients with the highest quality and most effective pond maintenance & algae control programs available. Our elite pond maintenance team has decades of experience cleaning and repairing ponds. We take our work seriously so we are constantly improving our product offerings and pond installation/maintenance techniques which enables us to provide the best quality and most comprehensive Pond Maintenance & Algae Control services that you will find in the North Dallas Texas (TX) Area. We would love the opportunity to share our knowledge and skill for pond repair and maintenance with you. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional service and quality. We urge all pond owners to be cautious when selecting a pond repair company and evaluate them the same as the would if they were building a new pond. Mistakes can be expensive, so its always best to select a company with a long standing reputation of quality that you can trust.


We offer a wide variety of pond cleaning and maintenance services, from monitoring your pond’s water quality to filter cleaning!

Our pond maintenance packages and pondless waterfall maintenance packages include yearly servicing, while our spring cleaning and fall maintenance packages are offered seasonally.

Our maintenance and refurbishing packages can be customized to suit your needs and budget. FncPond’s refurbishing and maintenance services can be purchased as one-time packages, monthly, or weekly. With our professional services, you never have to worry that your pond isn’t getting the detailed attention it needs!

Pond Cleanout Services

  • Pump, skimmer, and filter cleaning

  • Debris removal

  • Plant maintenance or removal
  • Lighting inspection

  • Water quality monitoring

  • Water treatment additions

Pondless Cleanout Services

  • Power washing
  • Vacating existing stagnant water
  • Debris removal
  • Plant maintenance or removal

  • Algae removal
  • Stone reforming or resetting

Final Note: When it comes to pond repairs and maintenance it is better to hire a professional. If you are a going to tackle this project on your own it best to hire a Pond Expert for a consultation so they can give you pointers so you don’t run into any major problems.

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