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Ecosystem Ponds

The koi ponds & watergardens we construct for our clients rely on an ecologically sound, organic, naturally balanced ecosystem to stay clean and clear without the use of such unnatural ‘cures’ as pond chemicals and UV radiation sterilizers. Very simply, the beneficial bacteria that colonize the filters, rocks, and gravel of the pond break down fish waste and other organic materials and turn the harmful ammonia into ammonium nitrate, which is plant fertilizer.

The aquatic plants, installed directly into the gravel substrate take in these free-floating nutrients, helping to starve algae, which wants the same nutrients, out of the system. The fish, in turn, graze the thin layer of algae that does try to grow on the rocks as well as any other organic material that may find its way into the pond. Once the ecosystem is established and balanced, you don’t need to feed the fish or fertilize the plants. The system is nearly self-maintaining.

Why Are We The Best?

Our water features are not just combinations of fish, rock, water, frogs and dragonflies — they are areas of meditation, points of exploration for children and meeting places for friends and family. It’s not about the water gardens; it’s about the lifestyle we help bring to our customers who enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re crazy about water features. Yards are like blank canvasses to us, and we paint with water. Where most might see a hill, an entryway, a yard, or any random patch of grass, we see a waterfall coming into a stream or pond.

We like to mix things up, with different sized features and different types of rock. The goal is to make the water fit the yard, and whether it’s a Dallas suburban home or a Florida tropical escape, we create a place of relaxation, peace and tranquility.

How Ecosystem Ponds Work


Ecosystem ponds are freshwater ponds that have all the necessary parts that make up a real, living environment. From living organisms like plants and fish, to non-living things like air and sunshine, ecosystem ponds provide the essential base (water) for all those aspects of nature to work together to make a tiny, complete ecosystem in your own yard. Our ecosystem ponds are great for anyone who wants to enjoy observing the cycle of life from their own yard. There’s nothing quite like having an amazing, living pond, filled with plants and fish that you can look at and enjoy every time you step outside!


Your perfect ecosystem pond design could be a waterscape with curb appeal in your front yard, or a private vacation spot right in your own backyard! Ecosystem ponds add vivacity and beauty to wherever you decide to place them.


In an ecosystem pond, biological filters create and maintain a perfect water base for a thriving ecosystem by using natural bacteria to break down the harmful waste that collects in ponds. After being broken down, this can be used as a beneficial plant fertilizer for the plants in your pond.

Within a biological filter are 1 to 3 filter mats, which help build up a colony of helpful bacteria to break down pond waste into a safe substance that is used as plant fertilizer.

For more complex or larger ecosystem ponds, we recommend you install 1 to 4 sets of BioFalls inside your pond filtration system to make sure your bacteria colony can grow and mature to help keep your pond clean!

Things You Will Need

  • Filtration System – we use both a biological filter (to provide surface area for the bacteria to colonize) and a mechanical filter (to pre-filter your pond and skim the surface of the water) to ensure your pond’s water is clean.
  • Rocks and Gravel – our rocks and gravel protect your pond liner from harmful UV light and provide another surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow!
  • Recirculation System – at FncPonds, we make sure our pipes are properly sized to fit your pond will and keep your pond’s water moving so there is always a healthy level of oxygen for your pond’s aquatic plants and fish.
  • Fish – fish are an important part of any ecosystem pond, keeping your pond’s maintenance low by feeding off of the algae at the bottom of the pond.
  • Aquatic Plants – as essential parts of any marine ecosystem, aquatic plants are nature’s own filters, helping to keep your pond clean and your fish full!

How It Works

It’s easy to understand how an ecosystem pond works if you understand the elements necessary to make up a functioning ecosystem. You need food, shelter, and safety to provide for the wildlife that lives and grows in a flourishing ecosystem.

Our ecosystem ponds provide all three necessary elements to help nature work her magic! Our ponds also provide an all-natural and low-maintenance way for you to enjoy the wonderful workings of nature in your own yard!

Keeping a Balanced Ecosystem

It’s important to remember that all of the elements that make up an ecosystem must be present at all times for the ecosystem to function properly. If your ecosystem becomes unbalanced, your ecosystem pond will stop thriving!

First, your fish will eat the plant life in your pond. Then, the fish waste, along with other natural debris, will sink to the bottom of your pond to be broken down by aerobic bacteria and other microorganisms that live on the rocks at the bottom of your pond. Once the debris is broken down, your plants will absorb the nutritional matter left by the bacteria. Your plants will continue to grow, and your fish will continue to eat the plants, forming the circle of life – and making the perfect ecosystem!

In a natural, balanced water garden, like the one formed in your ecosystem pond, this marine circle of life will continue on forever. Each element of your ecosystem will provide an essential part of the harmonious balance that lives within your pond.

Final Note: When it comes to building a pond it is better to hire a professional. If you are a going to tackle this project on your own it best to hire a Pond Construction Expert for a consultation so they can give you a lot of tips and pointers so you don’t run into any major problems.

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