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Custom Streams – Backyard Streams With Waterfalls in North Dallas Texas (TX)

Our custom streams are simply running water features, perfect for naturally-sloping spots in your yard. They can be part of an ecosystem pond or can stem from a pondless waterfall intake system. Bring the gorgeous and soft sound of running water to your yard with the addition of a custom stream!

Why Are We The Best?

Our water features are not just combinations of fish, rock, water, frogs and dragonflies — they are areas of meditation, points of exploration for children and meeting places for friends and family. It’s not about the water gardens; it’s about the lifestyle we help bring to our customers who enjoy the great outdoors.

We’re crazy about water features. Yards are like blank canvasses to us, and we paint with water. Where most might see a hill, an entryway, a yard, or any random patch of grass, we see a waterfall coming into a stream or pond.

We like to mix things up, with different sized features and different types of rock. The goal is to make the water fit the yard, and whether it’s a Dallas suburban home or a Florida tropical escape, we create a place of relaxation, peace and tranquility.

Stream Construction

Our custom streams are easy to construct and install in your yard. You just have to remember that location is always the most vital element for your custom stream construction success. When planning where to install your custom stream, you must be aware of elevation in the landscape. Elevation can work either for or against the perfect installation of your custom stream. The best spot to build a custom stream is along a slope that’s flowing toward your patio or deck so you have a great view from your house!

If your yard doesn’t have a natural slope, we can carve a hillside in the perfect spot to make a natural area for your custom stream to flow down. We also will make sure your streambed looks natural by adding water-erosion affects.