Dallas pond

Dallas pond


You have had your Dallas pond for a few years and you are ready for a change.  A way to improve your pond.  Here are some ideas we have to help you make your pond look better than ever!

Dallas Pond Lighting

Winter is a great time to add lights to your pond!  Lights can be used to highlight certain features in the pond, such as your waterfall or stream.  They can also be used strategically around the pond to create shadows and focus.

We offer both LED white lights and color changing lights.  The lights are both made for underwater use to really shine the light on the beauty of your pond.  You can place the lights on a timer or even use an app to change the colors on your color changing lights.

Dallas Pond Landscape Lighting

In addition to pond lighting, what about path lighting around the pond?  You can use landscape path lighting to illuminate pathways, patios and decks by the pond.  The different amounts of layouts you can choose are never ending!  You can also use lighting to accent beautiful trees or landscaping next to the pond.

Dallas pond driftwood

Dallas pond driftwood

Faux Driftwood

Looking for a way to make your pond look even more like nature?  Think about driftwood!  Driftwood makes a pond look natural, but it can be hard to find and pricey.  We recommend using faux driftwood instead.  It lasts a longer time than real wood and looks the same!  You can either use it around the pond for decoration or place it somewhere to hide the skimmer.

Dallas pond fountain

Dallas pond fountain

Fountain in a Dallas Pond

You’ve might have had your pond or water feature a few years and you’re looking for a new way to make it stand out.  A popular trend in Dallas ponds and ponds throughout the world is to place a fountain or urn in the shallow end of the pond.  These can offer a whole new look and feel to your pond.  They can add depth and visual pleasure, a well as create a whole new look for your water feature.

Pond Fish

How do your fish look?  Healthy?  Happy?  A variety of colors and sizes?  If not, maybe it’s time for a fish upgrade.  Fish are the life of many people’s ponds.   They provide visual interest and help create a personal connection to your pond.  Fish are fun to watch, feed and follow.  They can even be trained to eat out of your hand.


Are you ready now to add to your Dallas pond?

From lighting and driftwood to fountains and fish,  there’s something for anyone looking for a change.  Contact us for more information.