Pond Maintenace


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TIPS FOR A HEALTHY SUMMERTIME POND There are different types of ponds you can have, like a fish pond, watergarden pond, koi pond or wildlife pond. In recent times a lot of people now have ponds fixed in their gardens. Before you decide to have one in your home there are things you should put

The Pond Clean-Out: What To Expect Afterwards In Dallas-Fort Worth Area

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Spring Pond Clean-Outs are one of the most important things to do to keep a balanced, well-maintained water feature. It is also important to properly care for your pond following the clean-out, as your pond is reestablishing its ecosystem. You will have to finish filling the pond and/or turn on the pump after we finish

Five steps for pond algae removal in Dallas, TX

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pond algae Five steps for pond algae removal in Dallas, TX Pond algae in Dallas can seem overwhelming to many pond owners.  Algae is the most basic plant on the planet and can seem like the biggest problem to many pond owners.  Dallas pond algae is particularly heavy when temperatures are warm and

Backyard Koi Pond Experience

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Want to hear what our customers think about their backyard koi ponds? Meet Stan Drake from Lindale, TX. We stopped by to let him explain in his own words what having a backyard water feature has been like for him and his family. He takes you through the entire process from where he started and

Simple Tips for Fall Pond Care

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Fall Pond Care and Maintenance Allowing your pond to be put to bed for winter doesn’t need to be an arduous technique. Sure, saying goodbye to your finned friends for few months is sad, but following our easy fall pond care tips will make certain that your fish joyfully greet you once more within the spring. Remove leaves