5 things to consider before building a DFW koi pond

A beautiful DFW koi pond can make any yard complete.  But you don’t want to start digging your pond until you know exactly where you want to put it and why.  Here are five things we recommend considering when building a DFW koi pond.

DFW koi pond: Terrain

You can’t always change what is already there.  For example, a pond dug out of rocks may not be the best option.  A lot of people think they want the pond in one place but when they take a good look around, they realize another space is better.  Don’t be nervous to change your plans due to your surroundings.  And remember, natural steep inclines are beautiful places for a waterfall.

Sun vs. shade

This can be a tricky one, as there are advantages to both.  Think about your yard in the summer.  Is it heavily shaded or full sun?  Or some of both?  A shaded DFW koi pond is beautiful but can add extra leaf debris.

A water feature in full sun may be less susceptible to leaf debris, but algae can thrive in these conditions even with adequate filtration. Adding an ionizer and/or an auto doser can help.

Remember, too, that your fish will want a break from the summer sun’s heat. Incorporate aquatic plants to cover some of the surface or install a fish cave to provide respite from the sun. A balance of sun and shade is a good thing, and you probably want to create your feature where it will get at least a little bit of both.

DFW koi pond: Budget

As you plan your budget, don’t forget everything in the DFW koi pond.  Not just water and tools, but your filtration system, rock and liner. And don’t forget to budget in money for landscaping around the pond.


A healthy pond needs filtration! Mechanical and biological filtration components remove suspended debris and excess algae that cause toxic gases like ammonia.

A skimmer will protect the pond pump, which helps keep the water circulating. Beneficial bacteria will cultivate in areas of your filtration like in the media mats.

Rocks and gravel in the pond provide places for beneficial bacteria to live, too. In turn, these bacteria help keep the water clear of fish waste and organic debris. Finally, aquatic plants will absorb nutrients that algae feed on and will release oxygen into the water. This keeps the fish in your DFW koi pond happy.

Here to help!

Regardless of what you decide to do with your ecosystem pond , Fnc can help.  We can help you design, build and maintain whatever water feature is good.  Call us for more information at 972-762-4076.